Our Faculty Members

Dr. Sandeep Kumar

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

Qualification :  MA, UGC NET, Ph D

Date of Joining: 10/1/2014

Phone : +91-9690993006  

Email ID: sandeepp49@gmail.com

Area of Interest:  

Dr. Balak Ram Bhadri

Assistant Professor, Department of Hindi

Qualification :  एम.ए., बी. एड, पीएच डी

Date of Joining: 7/23/2016

Phone : +91-7895720630  

Email ID:  bhadribr5302@gmail.com

Area of Interest:  

Dr. S. P. Bhatt

Assistant Professor, Department of Sanskrit

Qualification :  

Date of Joining: 12-Dec-2006 

Phone : +91-9411523410  

Email ID: dsbgc2014@gmail.com  

Area of Interest: Teaching Excellence, शिक्षण 

Dr Kanhaiya Lal Gupta

Assistant Professor (Guest Faculty), Geography

Qualification :  M.A., Ph D., NET & JRF, PGD in Geoinformatics

Date of Joining: 3/August/2022

Phone : +91- 9454359363

Email ID: klguptabhu@gmail.com

Area of Interest: Agricultural Geography, Population Geography and RS & GIS

Dr. Andhruti Shah Rathi

Assistant Professor, Department of English

Qualification:  D.Phil; M.Phil; U-SET-2012

Date of Joining: 21-Jun-2019

Phone : +91-9410134510  

Email ID: andhrutishah@gmail.com

Area of Interest: British literature; American Literature; Gender Studies; Indian Poetics  

Dr. Anurodh Prabhakar

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics 

Qualification: M.A, M.Ed, NET, SET, Ph.D

Date of Joining: 3/1/2021

Phone : +918909816716  

Email ID: anurodhprabhakar@gmail.com

Area of Interest:  Agricultural Economics and Regional Economics

Dr. Santoshi

Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

Qualification:  M.A. B Ed, USET, Ph D

Date of Joining: 6/28/2021

Phone : +91-8958052248  

Email ID: santoshis254@gmail.com 

Area of Interest: