Department of English

The department of English was established in the year 2005 with the undergraduate course. The English Department coheres around the idea that language, literature, and culture are foundational sites for engagement with difference. Diversity profoundly affects our work, our world, and our relationships with one another, within our department and beyond. We deeply value works and materials that challenge dominant narratives and perspectives, that offer multiple vantage points, analyses of oppression, and ways of imagining change, while we seek to teach hegemonic works against the grain. We believe literary and cultural scholarship offer essential context and critical terms and frames for understanding and interpreting the status of difference.

Diversity is a priority and a living, evolving concern for our department. We are committed to creating change so that diversity is further reflected in our faculty, graduate and undergraduate programs, curricula, and pedagogy.

Dr. Andhruti Shah Rathi

Assistant Professor